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Before They Make The Decision to Buy
Is Your Agency Able to Do This?
Until now Big Data benefits have been only available to the very big players like Google.
We can offer this exclusive technology to clients that are serious about their Marketing
What is Behavioral Marketing?
Behavioral marketing profiles the behavior of online consumers in order to determine which products or services those users are ready to purchase. This allows for a deeper level of ad customization, giving businesses insight into the habits and desires of consumers.
  • Target the 3% that are in In-Market for your product or service
  • Targeted ads mean you have reduced ad costs
  •  Permanent and portable custom list
  •  Closed loop analysis
  •  Produce a 'path to purchase' 
See what Google say about behavioral Marketing
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Deliver the highest conversion by implementing our multi-channel marketing strategy.  Our exclusive technology provides the necessary insight that reduces first click costs by up to 70% AND lets us own all prospect leads that feed into our multi-channel, multi-touch campaign.  

This is unlike any other strategy in the market. 

This is truly transformative. It is only possible through our proprietary software.  Reach out to us and see how we can help you.
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Wouldn't it be great if you knew something that your competitors didn't?
And what if that knowledge would help increase sales and drive your business to the next level?
With our technology, we can make it happen.
Some of the Advantages
  •  Lower CPCs & Lower Ad Costs bu up to 75%
  •  Higher CTR, ROI - Results Skyrocket
  •  Ownership for Omni Channel Strategy Implimentation
  •  More relevance for your hyper-targeted audience
  •  EASY to Get Started
Here's What Others Are Saying About Our Technology

"Just Amazing!" - Andrea Albright

I was blown away by the speed and professionalism displayed by Richard and the team. Not only were we able to raise capital through eComCapital but we were able to use the technology to bring more customers on-board for less overall cost. Results are excellent. Great Partnership.

"True Insightful" - Robert Tepper

We started using the insight immediately and each week we accumulated more sales growth and were able to fine tune our targeted marketing strategy to deliver custom content to our custom audience. Truly Insightful.

"Game Changer" - Susan Stokes

Since implementing this technology we have reduced our first click cost by 53%. We no longer pay any media platform for lead generation and are able to go multi-channel - launching our business to another level. This is a real game changer.
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